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The MDTA originated in 1992 in order to provide a platform for registered dental technologists in Malta

who felt the need to exchange ideas and ensure their progression in the dental team.

To-date there are 50 registrants/licenced with the Council for the Professions Complimentary to Medicine (CPCM), 21 of whom are affiliated to the MDTA.

The Committee is made up of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and two members. At the Annual General Meeting an Education sub-Committee of three members, is simultaneously elected.

 The Dental Technologist is one of the 18 Allied Health Care Professions whose scope of work includes the design, construction, repair or alteration of dental appliances which are custom-made. These devices include crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, implant retained appliances, orthodontic appliances and others to preserve oral tissue and enhance a person’s ability to eat and smile.

Mission Statement:

The Association is committed to represent the interests of its members and provide support and information to improve their Services as Allied Health Care Professionals.

  • ·        Advise and inform members of the latest developments in the field of dental technology techniques

  • ·        Support and implement initiatives to improve standards

  • ·        Keep abreast with EU regulations related to our professional services

  • ·        Encourage programs to enhance the technical and general knowledge of all who work in our industry

  • ·        Lobby with relevant Ministries/Bodies and liaise with other Organisations to protect the interests of the industry

  • ·          Promote membership


Main Objectives:

  • To improve the development of the Dental Technologist as a Health Care Professional

  • To encourage and promote education and CPD for dental technologists

  • To communicate with other Organisations for the benefit of dental technologists and Patients

  • To promote MDTA’s views to Government Bodies, Regulatory Councils, service providers and all other relevant groups

  • To adopt best practice for a participative role in Oral Healthcare Services.